High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Kidney Failure Diet, Foods, Nutrition

Improper diet increase kidney burden and worsen kidney condition, so knowing what foods to eat is very important for Kidney Failure patients. Here you can find useful information.

I Need A Diet With Only 30% Kidney Function Left To Prevent Dialysis

I need a diet with only 30% kidney function left to prevent dialsysis, please help me. This is an e-mail we received from our mail box, pkd-treatment@hotmail.com. In the following a...

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Is Low-Sodium Salt Good For Kidney Failure Patients

In recent years, since people pay more attention to high blood pressure, low-sodium salt appears on more familys tables. However, low-sodium diet does not suit for all people. Kidne...

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Can I Eat Cauliflower With Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Can a person with stage 4 kidney failure eat cauliflower? Yes, cauliflower is a kidney-friendly super food. As for cauliflowers health benefits, please read the following article. 1...

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What Food Can Kidney Failure Patients Use To Improve Immunity And Avoid Weakness

As we all know, kidney failure patients usually have low immunity and become very weak. A kidney failure patient send us a question to pkd-treatment@hotmail.com What good food can b...

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Is Chipotle Pepper Good for Kidney Failure Patients

Is chipotle pepper good for kidney failure patients? This should be a common question for all the kidney failure patients since they need to keep a well planed diet. As we know, the...

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Can A Person With Kidney Failure Eat Celery

Celery is full of nutriments including protein, carbohydrate, carotene, B group vitamin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and sodium. However, can a person with kidney failure eat celery? ...

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Is Star Fruit Bad for Kidney Failure Patients

Is star fruit bad for kidney failure patients? This is a question we received from our mail box, pkd-treatment@hotmail.com. In the following article, we will get further understandi...

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Foods to Avoid With Kidney Failure

What foods should avoid for kidney failure patients? As we know, all the kidney failure patients need to pay attention to their diet, because a well planed diet can help reduce the ...

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What Diet To Eat With Stage 3 Kidney Failure

Kidney failure refers to the gradually reduction of kidney function for patients, and stage 3 kidney failure means the kidneys have been damaged moderately. In this condition, patie...

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Kidney Failure Patients Should Follow A Scientific Diet

As for kidney failure patients, kidney function has been damaged. Food they eat will produce toxins and wastes, which cannot be discharged out of the body by kidneys. Therefore, kid...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

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