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Can Vitamins or Minerals Cause Acute Kidney Damage

2015-11-02 06:39

Can Vitamins or Minerals Cause Acute Kidney DamageCan vitamins or minerals cause acute kidney damage? The answer is yes. Acute kidney damage means that kidney is unable to remove wastes and fluids from body through urine all of a sudden. And this inability is temporary. Lots of diseases or situation can lead to acute kidney failure, in addition, high level of vitamins or minerals in body can also contribute to acute kidney damage.

Vitamin A

Large amount of vitamin A is very likely to promote much high calcium level in body, in this way, kidney can be under great pressure, leading to kidney damage finally. In addition, this situation can cause bone pain, live impair, and blurred vision.

Vitamin D

Just as vitamin A, high level of vitamin D makes calcium level get very high. In this way, kidney damage can happen on people. Vitamin D toxicity is rare in daily life.


If there is high calcium level in blood, kidney will have lots of burdens, which can result in kidney stones, kidney damage and kidney failure in the end. Thus, we should not take much calcium supplement in daily life.


It is known that we should have a low salt in daily life, because much sodium can make blood pressure increase and lead to retention of waster or fluids in blood. In this way, kidney can be impaired gradually. High blood pressure is the leading cause of kidney disease. In addition, acute kidney failure can be resulted in with too much sodium intake in life.

The above vitamins or minerals should be paid high attention to in daily diet, and never get your body with too much. Taking any supplement should be consulted doctors ahead. More or any question, you can leave a message or contact online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very fast for you.

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