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Kidney Damage Causes

2015-11-02 08:11

Kidney Damage CausesKidney is a very essential part of our body, which is responsible for filtering the blood, balancing electrolytes in blood and regulating blood pressure. Kidney can also be damaged by some diseases or other factors. In this case, kidney failure is likely to be resulted in. please see the below: kidney damage causes.

1. high blood pressure

high blood pressure can do harm to blood vessels, thus, if blood vessels in kidney get damaged, kidney can be affected, leading to kidney disease in the end. It is a leading cause of kidney disease.

2. diabetes

diabetes can increase blood pressure and damage small blood vessels gradually. In this way, kidney damage can be caused.

3. declined blood flow

if blood flow is becoming decreased, kidney can be affected when filtering the blood, because much toxins and wastes can build up in kidney, and cause lack of blood in kidney. In this situation, kidney damage can happen on people.

4. medicines

medicines are also removed from body through urine by kidney function. If there are elements which are harmful for kidney in drugs, kidney is very likely to get impaired when taking these medicines.

5. infection

urinary tract infection can make kidney get damaged in the long term, even cause kidney failure in the end. 6.Congenital Diseases

Congenital Diseases also lead to kidney damage, for example, PKD, which is a genetic disorder. Kidney damage can happen when cysts grow and enlarge by the time.

7. Auto-Immune Disorders

interstitial nephritis and acute nephrotic syndrome are two leading auto-immune disorders which can put pressure on kidneys.

People should take care of kidney in life with a healthy kidney –friendly diet and lifestyle. Kidney failure can not be cured yet. More or any question, leave a message or contact online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very soon.

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