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What Should Kidney Failure Patient Pay Attention to in Diet

2016-09-17 08:00

What Should Kidney Failure Patient Pay Attention to in DietThis time we will show you what should kidney failure patients pay attention to in daily diet, hoping helpful and useful for you. Please see the below details.

1.Limiting the plant protein

The protein intake should depends on kidney function condition, and the daily protein intake should be limited to 20-40g to reduce the kidney burden and avoid the non-protein nitrogen stay in the body. Especially the purine base contained in the plant protein can increase the intermediary metabolism, so beans and bean products shouldn’t be used as nutritional supplement .Beans and bean products include soybean, green bean, broad bean, soybean milk, and tofu.

2. Strong seasoning is forbidden

Strong seasoning, such as pepper, mustard oil, and chili can damage the kidney function. Aginomoto should be forbidden, because too much aginomote can cause thirsty which can lead to more water drunk.

3. High-fat food is forbidden

hypertension and anemia symptoms can happen on kidney failure patients. Animal fat is the adverse factor to hypertension and anemia because fat can aggravate the arteriosclerosis and restrain the hematopoietic function, so they shouldn’t have fat too much. On the contrary, if there is no fat intake, the body will become much weaker. Thus, fat can be replaced by plan oil which can be had 60g everyday. In addition, low sodium, low potassium, low phosphorus, and low protein are necessary in life.

A good diet is very helpful for patients with kidney failure, which can be good for treatment to some degree. However, treatment is a necessity, Chinese medicine is good for improving kidney to recover kidney function well, which makes patients get a better and longer life. Be free to contact us if you get any question, welcome to consult and we will reply you very soon.

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