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Can Uremia Patients Drink Tea

2016-10-15 06:41

Can Uremia Patients Drink TeaUremia, also known as kidney failure, refers to last stage of kidney disease. In this illness condition, kidneys have been damaged severely with less than 15% kidney function left. In order to get a better prognosis, there are some limitations for uremia patients. So some patients will wonder whether they can drink tea in daily life.

Can uremia patients drink tea?

In fact, uremia patients can drink tea in daily life, but they should pay attention about the volume. Drinking high quanity of tea can make people excited, it can strengthen heart, increase urine volume, anti-infetion, anti-inflammation, etc. Taking long term tea can relieve fatigue and increase memory. However, there are caffeine included in tea, if patients takes too much strong tea, it can cause hyperexcitability of the nervous system, increase heart burden and kidney burden, lead to gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Therefore, uremia patients should drink tea in a proper amount, and they should follow advice from their doctors.

In addition, for uremia patients, the most important thing should be taking treatment to stop the disease. Here, we recommend an alternative treatment to help avoid dialysis and kidney transplant for patients, and the featured treatment is called as Toxin-Removing Treatment. It is a systematic treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and it includes various Chinese therapies. This treatment is used to remove toxins and wastes out from blood and stop blood pollution, then some Chinese medicines will be used to expand blood vessels and increase blood circulation. It can increase blood volume into kidneys and bring more nutrition and oxygen to kidneys, thus can repair damaged renal cells and improve kidney function effectively.

In this way, uremia can be stopped, and patients’ condition can get great improvements. If you want to learn more about diet or treatment for uremia patients, you can send e-mail to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com, or you can also contact online doctor for free help.

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