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2015-09-08 19:45

DIABETES - A MAJOR RISK FACTOR FOR KIDNEY DISEASEDiabetes is a major risk factor for kidney disease, which is known to all around the world. Here we will introduce what is diabetes, how diabetes cause kidney disease and prevention of kidney disease.

Diabetes has two types: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 describes that most patients are children and pancreas can not produce insulin well to decompose sugar. And type 2 means that insulin produced by pancreas can not get proper use. In this way, high blood sugar occur on patients, and they need to take insulin injection to help regulate blood sugar level in body.

Hence, blood vessels in kidney may be impaired with much sugar in blood, leading to kidney damage. In this way, kidney function will decline, and kidney has a hard time removing wastes and toxins from body through urine. Besides, nerve system can be affected with diabetes, making patients have difficulty removing urine from bladder. Kidney can be damaged with this pressure and urine stays long in the bladder can lead to infection in kidney.

If patients with diabetes get kidney disease, the below can occur:

Protein in urine

High blood pressure

Swelling in body parts

Urine changes like frequent urination or color change


High creatinine level

What should be done to prevent kidney disease in diabetes?

Control high blood pressure well

Lower high blood sugar

Have a healthy diet with no or little sugar, low fat, cholesterol and protein.

Develop a good habit and healthy lifestyle in daily life.

Getting proper and timely treatment is the key. If patients with diabetes have kidney disease, it is important to take active measures to slow down disease condition. If you are interested in Chinese medicine treatment, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctor. We will reply you most quickly in detail.

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