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Diabetes After Kidney Transplant

2015-09-09 10:08

Diabetes After Kidney TransplantFor patients with kidney transplant, they are very likely to have diabetes after transplant, though diabetes never happens on them before. The research shows that this is because side effects of medicine taken for preventing rejection of new kidney. Hence, it is very important for patient after transplant to prevent diabetes.

How is diabetes caused after kidney transplant?

Medicines for transplant patients can help weaken immune system for rejecting new organs. In addition, many other things can contribute to diabetes for transplant patients like:

Weight gain, little exercise, bad habits and lifestyle, high blood pressure and blood fat, family who has diabetes history.

Diabetes is very harmful and can not be cured completely nowadays, which can lead to hypertension, kidney disease and nerve system. What is worse, heart disease may be resulted in, making life threatened.

Signs of diabetes warning that you have developed diabetes.

In fact, if diabetes occurs on people, some may have signs, while some may have not. The best way is measure blood sugar regularly. Here we introduce leading warning signs of diabetes:

Thirst and hunger, more urination, weight loss, pain, skin problems, bad eyesight.

How to prevent diabetes effectively after kidney transplant?

Keep a good shape and avoid obesity

Have a healthy diet and lifestyle

Control blood sugar well

Regulate high blood pressure well

Patients after kidney transplant must pay attention to diabetes in daily life carefully. Besides, other organ transplant can also lead to diabetes with the same reason as kidney transplant. More information, or have any doubt, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctor to know more. We will reply you most quickly in detail.

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