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How and Why Does The Body Reject Transplanted Kidney

2015-09-10 03:59

How and Why Does The Body Reject Transplanted KidneyHere we will introduce kidney transplant’s most threat: rejection. Why and how our body will reject a transplanted kidney? For patients with kidney disease, it is very significant to find a proper kidney source to transplant. Please see the following:

Rejection is that our body immune system excludes foreign organs invade and try to wipe it out. Hence, for all transplantation, rejection occurs, but how serious this rejection is depend on specific conditions of patients. Rejection can happen some times after transplant in the first year, or follow patients for many years. Thus, patients with kidney transplant all need to take medicines, which can help alleviate rejection of immune system.

Kidney transplant patients should be aware of the signs of rejection:

Pain, maybe strong or light pain in areas where transplant is done.

Fever or cold.

Diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, headache.

Weight gain, edema, urine decline, pulse changes.

Patients with kidney transplant must take care of themselves with cooperation and help of doctors, and be warning of the above symptoms in daily life with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Low salt, low phosphorus, and low potassium are needed. In addition, eating more vitamins and high quality protein food like fish, egg white and red meat. It is also for them to go to hospital to examine regularly, figuring out how are blood pressure, creatinine level and potassium level.

In a word, prevention of rejection is the key to kidney transplant, which should cause high attention of patients in daily life. More information you have or any doubt, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctor anytime. Reply will be given in detail as soon as possible for you.

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