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Gene May Help Explain Kidney Failure in African-Americans

2015-09-16 07:06

Gene May Help Explain Kidney Failure in African-AmericansHigh blood pressure is always regarded as the leading cause of kidney failure in African-Americans. However, the recently new research indicates that gene may be the chief reason why African-Americans have kidney failure.

The MYH9 gene is proved to have much to do with African- American kidney disease. Research shows that there is the MYH9 gene in almost 70% of African-Americans with kidney disease caused for non-diabetes. In addition, most of these people will be on dialysis in the end to prolong life. And scientists deduct that this gene makes African-Americans get kidney disease by increasing the risk of hypertension. In addition, HIV makes people develop a higher risk of kidney failure.

This new discovery about the MYH9 gene may shake our concepts of causes of kidney disease. What is more, it can help us open doors to treating kidney disease with new methods in the future. For African-Americans, they are facing higher risk of kidney disease or kidney problems than other races. Hence, it is very important to find out the cause and fundamental ways to treat it.

Though this finding makes us change the points of causes of kidney disease, hypertension and diabetes are still the most leading causes of CKD(chronic kidney disease).

In fact, how this gene causes high blood pressure and kidney failure on African-Americans is not clear yet. There are still lots of research needed to do. Managing blood pressure and diabetes well is a good option to prevent kidney failure in daily life, and you should follow this advice. We hope that kidney failure can be prevented fundamentally and cured completely one day with our continuous exploration. Any question or more information, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctors anytime. Reply will be given very fast.

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