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How to Treat High Creatinine Level after Kidney Transplant

2015-09-16 11:16

How to Treat High Creatinine Level after Kidney TransplantFor patients after kidney transplant, some can have normal kidney condition as healthy people, while some may have also kidney problems, the most obvious one of which is high creatinine level. This is mostly caused by the below factors:

1. much fat and cholesterol 

If patients after kidney transplant eat much meat, rich fat and cholesterol are ingested. In this way, patients may be at risk of high blood pressure, and kidney is burdened with much pressure to remove excessive wastes. Besides, patients are suggested to have no salt food for the early weeks after kidney transplant, which is to avoid high blood pressure.

2. take strenuous exercise

Creatinine is an end product of muscle metabolism. Thus, if exercise is taken too much, creatinine level in body can elevate. In this way, kidney is also put more burdens to remove excessive creatinine from body through urine.

3. new kidney disagrees with patients

The worst factor of causing high creatinine level is that new kidney is not fit for patients well. Hence, new kidney can not work well.

The first two factors can be solved by changing lifestyle and diet plan. But the last one needs to be paid highly attention to. Patients can get proper medicine to prevent rejection caused by immune system. And they also must have a low protein, low phosphorus, low potassium diet with no salt. Besides, necessary treatment is needed for improving kidney condition. Chinese medicine can be a good option, which can promote blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, prevent inflammation and degrade fibrosis. Kidney function will be under recovery gradually after several periods with Chinese medicine.

Patients after kidney transplant need also take good care of themselves in daily life, and follow doctor’s advice strictly, go to do tests regularly. If there is high creatinine level, find out the cause and treat it well. More or any question, welcome to leave a message or contact our online doctor anytime. Reply will be given very fast.

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