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How to Lower Creatinine Effectively for Kidney Disease Patients

2016-08-29 09:41

How to Lower Creatinine Effectively for Kidney Disease Patients Patients with kidney disease always get high creatinine level, and this is because kidney has a hard time removing toxins and wastes from body including creatinine. Chinese medicine which can recover kidney function is the very good option for patients.

When he just came to our hospital, his creatinine level is 823, which should do dialysis or kidney transplant in western country. However, both of them are not the best choice. kidney will have parts of kidney functions.

After years of clinical studies, we found that the key to treat kidney disease is to clean the toxin and wastes in the blood, otherwise, they will counteract the effects of the medicine. Our therapies include foot bath, medicated bath, circle therapy and so on, which are all from Chinese herbs, so it is natural and safe.

Through half a month of treatment, symptoms like anemia, fatigue and swelling disappeared. And creatinine level reduced to 500. So we make a further treatment plan. After one month, his appetite get recovered and urine volume went up to 2000ml. He was very happy and get hope for treating disease again.

Chinese medicine is the very special treatment in our hospital, which is very good for patients with kidney disease to reducing creatinine level from the root by increasing kidney function. In addition, symptoms like swelling, proteinuria, high blood pressure, and so on can be remitted from the root. Our hospital is a kidney disease specialized one with a long history. If you have any question or need any help, leave a message for us or contact our online doctors anytime, reply will be given for you very fast by experts of our hospital, it is a pleasure that we can help you solve problems well.

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