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Do you know what is the direct reason to uremia

2016-12-25 05:50

Do you know what is the direct reason to uremia?Many patients know kidney disease could lead to uremia, but they do not know the direct cause of uremia. Then what is the reasons of uremia? Now let us tell you something about that.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease could lead to uremia directly, generally speaking, if kidney disease patients do not treat their condition in time, it would cause uremia. So if patients want to avoid ureimia, the best way is avoid kidney disease.

Toxic drugs

Patients must not intake the medicines without the doctor’s advice, especially to those kidney failure patients. They should pay more attention to their drugs.

UTI( urinary trace infection) and chronic pyelonephritis

These are common reason of uremia. Urinary obstruction would lead to infection which could happen to anyone, especially to those married women.


With the time goes by, the structure and function of kidney would appear degenerative changes which means uremia is related to the age. The human kidney has a strong compensatory function, but with the increase of age, the body's reserve function gradually weakened and even loss, if coupled with the emergence of kidney disease, patient’s condition would easy to lead to uremia.

The most terrible enemy for patients is not the disease, but patients themselves. If everyone can pay more attention to many details in daily life and do not lost their heart while they are suffering from the disease. They will get better and better day by day. If you want a proper treatment for your kidney problems, please leave a message below or contact with our online doctors. you can also send mails to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com, We will try our best to help you.

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