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Does She Have to Live with Dialysis All Her Life

2016-11-17 02:33

Does She Have to Live with Dialysis All Her LifeMrs Li is 35 years old who comes form Xingtai Hebei province. She works very hard everyday for a better life. However, recently she notice that her face is become much darker than before, and also suffering form a very poor appetite. For the reason, she made a comprehensive medical examination and the result shocked her very much, she have kidney disease, it’s uremia and she has to begin dialysis, because the disease is very serious now.

Since then, she begins another life living with dialysis. But she still keep looking for some new treatment to fight against the disease. She have gone to many hospital and asked many doctors. However, the answers are same, she can only live with dialysis, there is no other treatment for her. Even though the answers are disappointing, she never gives up and still keep looking for an effective treatment. She began to pay her attention on Chinese medicine. And in the end, she comes to our hospital,Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital.

The creatinine level is 582umol/L the day she came to our hospital. She looks very thin and her condition is very bad, her skin is dark and lusterless. Our doctors made a series treatment plan for her according to her illness condition. There is still some glomerular filtration function left, thus the first step to do for her is to protect the left filtration function. In the meanwhile, we will also try to cure the part of ill glomerular and make them recover. On the fact, to recover the impaired kidney function, the most important is cleaning up the toxins and wastes in body first and then take a certain treatment according the illness characters.

After she took the Chinese medicine treatment for several days in our hospital, she feels that her condition is much better than before. Creatinine level has reduced and she also got rid of dialysis. Days before, she has discharged form hospital with our doctors suggestions and the Chinese medicine we prepared for her. Even though she has left hospital, we still keep in touch with her and ask for her condition. According to the communication with her, we know that her condition is pretty good.

We feel so happy that she can make a good manage of herself. She is stick to take Chinese medicine we prepared for her and also take a very light daily diet to prevent relapse. One month have passed, her creatinine is still stable in a low level. If you want more information about Chinese medicine treatment or kidney care suggestions, please chat with our online doctors or leave a message below. You can also send E mail to pkdtreatment169@gmail.com.

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