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Kidney Transplant

What is kidney transplant?

Besides dialysis, kidney transplant is another common used kidney replacement treatment for kidney failure patients. It is to transplant a healthy kidney from one person into the body of another person who has little or no kidney function. Kidney transplant is generally classified into living-donor transplant and decreased-donor transplant.

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Dialysis and Kidney Transplant: which one is better?

Compared with dialysis, kidney transplant takes over all the kidney function. It can not only remove excess fluid and waste from your blood, but also balance electrolyte and acid-base as well as secrete hormones to regulate blood pressure, stimulate the synthesis of red blood cells, etc. Besides, it is more cost effective and allows a return to a more normal life. And you do not need to worry about its side effects. Therefore, kidney transplant is always the dream of ESRD patients.

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Is kidney transplant suitable for all kidney failure patients?

Kidney transplant is not suitable for all kidney failure patients. If you have the following conditions, kidney transplant is usually not recommended.
-Systemic diseases, such as amyloidosis and periarteritis nodosa. Because they may attack the transplanted kidney.
-Serious medical disease, such as heart disease and hepatocirrhosis. Because patients may not bear the surgery and anesthesia.
-Tuberculosis, peptic ulcer, malignant tumor and other diseases. Because immunosuppressors used after transplant may worsen these diseases.

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How to get a kidney transplant?

To get a kidney transplant, you should talk with your doctor first, and he can tell you whether you are suitable for a transplant or not and then refer you to a transplant center for testing. If you go through the testings successfully, you may show that you can afford the cost of kidney transplant. As long as all these are done, you will be added into the kidney transplant waiting list.

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How long should you wait for a kidney transplant?

Because more and more people need kidney transplant, while the kidney source is scarce, there is often a long wait before you receive a donor kidney. It is said that the average time spend on the waiting list is two years, but it could be much less or much longer for you.

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Does kidney transplant have any risk?

Kidney transplant may cause death from surgery, bleeding, infection, wound hernia, adhesive obstruction, blood clots, kidney failure, kidney rejection and so on during the surgery. In addition, the use of immunosuppresors after kidney transplant may lower your immune system so as to increase the risk of various disease.
However, if you can not get a kidney transplant, do not lose hope. There are also other alternative treatments to kidney failure, which can help you recover. If you have any doubt about kidney transplant, please send emails to pkd-treatment@hotmail.com or leave a message below. We are pleased to help you.

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