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The Suitable Diet for PKD Patients

2016-10-29 09:33

The Suitable Diet for PKD PatientsPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) can make a horrible damage on patients’ kidney. It causes a large numbers of cysts with different size. Once cysts appear in kidneys, the main function of filtering wastes in body will be impaired badly. Then what can we do with such a condition except treatments? It’s no doubt that we should take a healthy diet. Combination of a proper diet plan with treatment is very important for the recovery of PKD patients. So what is the suitable diet for PKD patients?

Taking a low salt diet

Many PKD patients are also suffering from high blood pressure. As we all know, taking too much salt can cause electrolyte disturbance and salt can also adhere to blood vessel wall. As a result, blood pressure is getting higher and higher. For this reason, doctors always suggest PKD patients do not take any foods containing a lot of salt.

Suggestion on taking protein

Taking too much protein will make patients suffer from proteinuria, so patients should limit protein intake. Furthermore, it can also help control high blood pressure and slow down the development of kidney failure. But to limit protein intake does not mean that we can’t take any protein at all. Because our body needs protein to support many organs to work normally. Therefore, we should take some high quality protein such as fish, lean meat, milk and so on.

Intake of potassium

For many kidney patients, it is very important to control the level of potassium. Our muscles and nerves need to keep a normal function with the support of potassium. What’s more, potassium can also affect on some heart problems caused by kidney disease. High blood pressure can also cause irregular heartbeat. Many patients are even dead because of the disease.

Taking a proper diet is very important for PKD patients. Follow an excellent kidney diet plan to improve your polycystic kidney disease so that it does not completely ruin the rest of your life. If you have interest to know more about PKD diet, you can leave a message below or sent a message to our E-mail: pkdtreatment169@gmail.com

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