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Can Polycystic Kidney Patients Take Alcohol

2016-11-05 08:09

Can Polycystic Kidney Patients Take AlcoholPolycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) is a genetic disease. Usually, patients who has plenty of fluid-filled cysts on kidneys. Once the cysts increase and get enlarge, they will make a terrible damage on kidney. There are many factors can cause the condition of patients get worse, such as their diet in daily life. Lots of patients are know what they should eat on diet. However, do you know whether PKD patients can take alcohol or not?

Actually, there are many bad affects for PKD patients to take alcohol. Patients are usually required stop smoking and drinking when their kidney function have been impaired badly. These habit in daily life may cause a further damage on their kidney. Then what are the bad affect for PKD patients drinking alcohol?

Enlarging kidney cysts

Alcohol is easy to make the polycystic protein become activity, and it will speed up the pouch liquid appear. For this reason, number and size of kidney cyst will increase. When kidney cyst grow up and get enough big, it may rupture and cause infections on kidneys, and further damage will appear t kidney in the end, it is very dangerous for patients.

Increasing the burden on kidney

Taking too much alcohol will cause disorder of nitrogen in body, and it can consume plenty of protein. As we all know, all of us are need enough protein to support our normal life. If do not have enough protein, it is very to increase burden on kidney.

Causing many other diseases

Taking too much alcohol can not only make many damages on kidney, but also can cause many other diseases for PKD patients, such as elevated blood pressure, platelet hardening, atherosclerosis, and so on. When these disease appear to patients, it not so good for them, because kidney disease patients are already have o poor kidney function, these disease also need kidney to clear up many toxins and wastes in blood, it will increase more burden on kidney.

After knowing about these bad affects of alcohol for PKD patients, will you keep on taking it? I think the answer surely is no. Especially for PKD patients. If you want to know more about PKD and its diet, please leave us a message or chat with our online doctors, they can also give you a satisfied answer.

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