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What Diet Is Good for PKD Patients

2016-11-28 02:10

What Diet Is Good for PKD PatientsFor kidney disease patients, a proper treatment is very important especially for PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) patients. Because it is a very difficult kidney disease which have so many cysts on kidneys and make kidney function decrease day by day. In the meanwhile, a good nurse care is also important for PKD patients. A healthy diet will do much benefits for their recovery. Then what kind of diet should PKD patients pay attention to? Let’s learn it together.

Diets that PKD patients can not take

Alcohol is the first thing that PKD patients should leave away form. Especially wine, it can stimulate the active proteins and promote cysts growing up. So these PKD patients who like drinking had better give it up as soon as possible. Another one should patients stay away is fermented food such as fermented bean curd, tea eggs, and so on. They can also help cysts on kidney growing fast. Usually, patients should not take too much high protein food, PKD patients are also included. Because too much protein will increase the burden on kidney and make the impaired kidney become much worse. What’s more, visceral meat are not suggested either. For example, many people like to eat animal liver very much. It always considered that good to livers of us. However, the function of liver is expelling of toxin. For these reason, too much toxins will keep in livers. If kidney disease patients eat it, burden on kidney will be increase too much.

Diets are good for PKD patients

For improving the kidney condition of PKD patients. They should eat more fruits that are rich in victim and vegetables that are rich in iron element, such as carrot. What’s more, black fungus can help to solve the problem of kidney stone. And PKD patients should also take some high quality protein such as fish, lean meat, egg white, and so on.

A healthy diet is very important for PKD patients, so do a proper treatment. InPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, their Chinese medicine treatment have a good effect to cure many kidney diseases, if you want to know more about PKD diets or Chinese medicine, please leave a message below or contact with online doctor, we will reply you in the first time.

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