High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Diet, PKD Foods

Make diet changes according to your special illness condition, so as to avoid eating foods that may cause enlargement of Kidney Cyst and stop PKD from developing.

Is It Ok for People with PKD to Eat Cantaloupe

Many people eat cantaloupe in daily life, and it is vey delicious. Is it ok for patients with PKD to eat cantaloupe? To begin with, we should get a knowledge of cantaloupe. Cantalou...

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Can Patients with PKD Drink Beer in Daily Life

Beer is very popular with people all over the world, which is a necessity during party or dinner. Beer contains less alcohol than whiskey or wine, but drinking much can make people ...

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Can Patients with PKD Eat Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a very delicious fruit in the world and popular with people around the world. However, can patients with PKD eat jackfruit in daily life? This time we will talk about t...

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Can Patients with PKD Eat Bell Pepper

In our daily life, peppers play a vital role in our cooking and diet. Most of people are prone to spicy food, and peppers are necessary,one of which is bell pepper. However, for p...

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Is Tilapia Fish Good for Patients with PKD

Tilapia fish is a very popular fish in the world, and contains rich nutrition, such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamins, iron, unsaturated fattyaci...

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Can Patients with PKD Eat Grapefruit

Grapefruit is good for lowering cholesterol level, benefiting high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. And it contains many nutrients, such as natural vitamin P, rich vitami...

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Is Tomato Good for Patients with PKD

Can patients with PKD eat tomato in daily life? Some patients with PKD consulted us about this question recently. Tomato is a very popular vegetable which contains rich nutrients. A...

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Can Patients with PKD Have Chicken

Chicken is very popular with people around the world and very common in our life. As is known to all, patients with PKD should have pay attention to diet in daily life, some patient...

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Is Mango Good for Patients with PKD

Patients with PKD should pay attention to daily diet very much. Fruits have rich vitamins which are good for patients with PKD. But not all fruits can be eaten for patients with PKD...

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Should People with PKD Limit Red Meat

Red meat is very common in our diet, which means beef, sheep,pig, vension and rabbit meat. most of people around the world like it. While, for patients with PKD, they are very eager...

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Successful cases of PKD

There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

Annoyance of The Young Couple

A Good Effect Is Based on A Good Cooperation of Doctors And Patients