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Running & Polycystic Kidney Disease

2015-11-03 05:57

Running & Polycystic Kidney DiseaseIt is suggested that patients with polycystic kidney disease should have some regular exercise in daily life. Then what kind of physical activity is suitable and good for them? Running is a best choice.

Running, walking, swimming and biking can be ok for PKD patients. However, those with body contact should be avoided, such as basketball, football or soccer. Because crashes on kidney place can happen, in this case, if your cysts are very large, they are very prone to rupture, causing strong pain and blood in urine. What is more, horse riding and long term biking like cross-city biking should be prohibited, because blood in urine can appear. Running is a good option, which can make every part of body move and strengthen body, enhancing immunity.

Besides, PKD patients should notice that getting enough water during exercise is necessary to prevent dehydration which can increase the risk of kidney stones for PKD patients. Soda or caffeine drinks should be limited, because they are likely to promote kidney cysts get enlarged gradually. After you finish exercising, you are likely to have chest pain or a severe headache, if this happen, you need to talk about it with your doctors timely to alleviate this symptom.

Running is very convenient and need no much equipment, thus running is the first option for PKD patients to do some exercise in life. Time of exercise is suggested to kept in 30-40 mins per day. Excessive exercise is also harmful for body. If you need more or have any question about PKD, you can leave a message or contact our online doctors anytime. We will reply very fast for you in detail.

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