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How PKD Patients Take Care of Themselves at Home

2016-11-14 03:20

How PKD Patients Take Care of Themselves at HomePKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a genetic disease in kidney which is very dangerous for patients if they can not take care of it so well. if an effective treatment can not be found timely, some terrible complications or symptoms very easy come to patients. what’s more, after treatment, they should also to live in a healthy life style at home. Only in this way can they have a better recovery in the end and avoid some possibilities of relapsing. But do you know what patients should do with such a disease at home in daily life?

Living in a positive attitude

Many patients are very negative for their disease. As we all know, psychology is a very effective factor that can adjust the illness condition much. If patients always live in a bad mood condition, it is likely cause disorder of the micro-circulation in body and then the disease will get worse. So patients should have a positive attitude toward life and disease first, should believe nothing can defend themselves. A great mind is very important for the recovery of PKD patients.

Avoiding some infections

PKD patients should patients should pay attention to some infections. Because disease in kidney will make patients’ immunity become weak. With a poor immune system, they are very easy to be infected by many kinds of germs. And infections is also very dangerous for them, they can cause many terrible and sever damage in kidney. Some patients even dead because of the infection in life. For this reason, patients should pay much attention to infections.

In case that the kidney cysts rupturing

One of the big problem for PKD patients is cysts keep growing up with time goes by. And the enlarged cysts will oppress tissues around the kidney, it will make kidney function keep reducing day by day. What’s more, if the cysts ruptured, it will cause more complications in kidney. And some symptoms will also come to patients such as blood in urine, infections and so on. So patients should make a good prevention at home. For solving this problem, patients can make a nursing with Chinese medicine at home. It does much good for the problem.


A good treatment is very important for patients. However, they should not ignore a good nursing at home in daily life. If you want to know more about PKD or Chinese medicine treatment. Pleast leave a message below or chat with online doctor. You can also chat with me in whats app: +86 18330029204

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