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How to Make A Good care with PKD Patients

2016-11-18 07:32

How to Make A Good care with PKD PatientsIt is know to us all that PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a genetic kidney disease. What’s more, it is very hard to treat. If patients do not pay enough attention to somethings in daily life, it may cause condition of the disease become much worse and some patients could even die because of the situation. Therefore, for PKD patients, it is very important to make a well cares with their disease in daily. In the meanwhile, they should also look for a proper treatment. Then how can PKD patients take care of themselves in daily life? Here are some suggestions from the kidney disease experts fromPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital.

Join some activities that are not so strenuous

For some patients whose condition are not so serious, take some activities can help them to have a good mood. However, they should be careful that to be impact and press on abdomen while in activities, because impact and pressure will make the cysts rupture and bleed. It may cause infection with patients. In addition, some bad condition patients should lay in bed and take a well rest.

Pay attention to oral hygiene

Maintain healthful mouth can prevent the increasing of mycete and germ so as to avoid infection. For this reason, PKD patients should clean their mouth after breakfast and dinner timely. It can help to prevent ozostomia effectively.

Pay attention to the healthful in skin

PKD patients should take more shower with mild water to keep their skin clean. But they had better do take shower with alcohol and soap. The toxins accumulated in body will stimulating in skin and patients will have the symptoms of itching and uncomfortable in skin, insomnia, and so on. What’s more, if the skin was scratched, it may cause infection with PKD patients.

Maintain a positive attitude

PKD patients should keep a happy mood and positive attitude toward life. They should have the faith to fight against with the disease. when patients feel down and lost their faith, families and doctor should encourage them.

The most terrible enemy for patients is not the disease, but patients themselves. If everyone can pay more attention to many details in daily life and do not lost their heart while they are suffering form the disease. They will get better and better day by day. If you want a proper treatment for PKD or have any other kidney problems, please leave a message below or contact with our online doctors. We well try our best to help you.

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