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Is It Good For PKD Patients To Take Exercise

2014-12-13 09:28

Is It Good For PKD Patients To Take ExercisePeople with illness need to exercise themselves to enhance their physical quality and improve memory. Experts in Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital introduce that: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) affects the health of kidneys. However, as for prevention, they still do not know what to pay attention to when taking exercise.

Is it god for PKD patients to take exercise?

This question varies from person to person due to different illness condition. If a single kidney cyst size is less than 40 mm, people can take some exercise. At this time, although cysts press each other slightly, the pressure is not so big. It is ok for PKD patients to take some proper exercise. However, they should not join in some activities with collision such as playing basketball and football. Light and flexible exercise can be done like tai chi and qi gong which do not affect kidneys.

If the size of kidney cyst is larger than 40mm, the pressure among cysts is very big. Strenuous exercise will make kidney cyst burst. Therefore, in work and daily life, the kidneys should avoid being crashed, especially for housewife. When they are looking after children, children should not kick patients’ waist. As for patients with blood in urine, daily activity should be paid more attention as kidney cysts at that time are more easily to burst. To avoid the recurrence of hematuria, patients should do some small bending angle, turbulence light exercise.

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