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How Do Kidney Cyst Patients Do Daily Nursing

2015-01-29 11:40

How Do Kidney Cyst Patients Do Daily NursingKidney cyst can affect patients’ life and work. It also does harms to patients’ physical and psychological health. Therefore, only treatment is not enough. Patients also need to do good daily nursing. Only in this way can guarantee the therapeutic effects and make patients get recover as soon as possible. Well, how do kidney cyst patients do daily nursing?

1. pay attention to their diet

In daily life, kidney cyst patients must pay attention to their diet. As for some foods which are no benefits to their body, patients should avoid such foods to prevent damages on their body health. Kidney cyst patients should avoid salty foods, spicy foods, polluted foods and barbecue food. Kidney insufficiency and end stage renal failure patients should not eat beans and bean products, limit high protein intake and rid of greasy foods from their diet.

2. pay attention to rest

Kidney cyst patients must have more rest in daily life. In this way, it can prevent cystic mass from growing. Avoid strenuous activity and abdominal trauma. Patients with renal cyst should do check-ups every six months including blood pressure, routine urine test, kidney function and B-ultrasound. Besides, patients should avoid some renal toxicity drugs.

3. prevent infection positively

Renal cyst patients should keep far away from radioactive things and avoid some infection. Kidneys are easy to get infected and infection will bring serious harms to patients. Therefore, patients should prevent infection positively, especially for women.

Effective nursing care can avoid the relapse of kidney cysts. Aside from nursing care, the fundamental way for kidney cyst should shrink kidney cyst and improve renal function by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Any question? Feel free to consult our online doctor or leave a message below.

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