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Complications ARPKD Patients May Experience as A Result of Transplant

2015-10-01 01:29

Complications ARPKD Patients May Experience as A Result of TransplantPatients with ARPKD can develop kidney failure, and may need kidney transplant in the end. However, kidney transplant does not mean patients with kidney disease can become healthy totally. Some complications is likely to happen on them.

1. As the statistics indicates, patients with ARPKD who have done kidney transplant are very likely to have portal vein hypertension and gastrointestinal bleeding, and the chance is 80%.

2. Infection is a great concern for patients with kidney transplant. If kidney is infectious and can not be controlled well, the new kidney needs to be removed from body to prevent damage to other system and organs in body. Hence, it is very important for patients with kidney transplant to prevent infection. In addition, according to research, deaths caused by infection for patients with ARPKD after kidney transplant are twice as much as other complications in kidney transplant.

3. Liver disease may also appear on patients with ARPKD after kidney transplant. In this way, they are at risk of biliary tract and gallbladder infection.

the above are leading complications of ARPKD patients may have as a result of kidney transplant, which should be taken notice of for them in life. As is known to us, rejection is the most threatening factor for organ transplant. Hence, for patients with ARPKD after kidney transplant, they need to take medicines to prevent rejection. Rejection is our immune system works to defeat substances from outside. In addition, patients should know that the new kidney can live for 5-7 years, and the longest time can be over 10 years. A successful Kidney transplant does not mean eternal kidney health. More or any question, welcome to leave a message or contact online doctors any time. Reply will be given for you very fast in detail.

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