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How Is PKD Different from Simple Kidney Cysts

2015-10-02 03:29

How Is PKD Different from Simple Kidney CystsPolycystic kidney disease is different from simple kidney cysts actually. Here we will introduce the difference between PKD and simple kidney cysts in detail for you. See the below:

PKD means that numberous kidney cysts liein kidney and they will grow and enlarge by the time. The number of cysts in PKD is very large. PKD is a kind of gene disorder, which can be inherited by family members. In addition, PKD is very harmful and can lead to kidney failure for patients, and the rate of kidney failure in PKD is about 50%.

However, simple kidney cyst is more common for people, especially for people who are old, more than 60 years old. In most situations, simple kidney cyst is not harmful, but it can grow and double by the time, too. Hence, it is also important for people with kidney cyst to treat simple kidney cyst. The number of simple kidney cyst is much less than PKD. simple kidney cyst is not a genetic disease, and the cause of it is not clear now. but the research shows that aging is very closely related with kidney cyst.

Patients with kidney cyst or PKD should take care of cysts in daily life to prevent kidney failure. Eating a kidney friendly diet and shrinking kidney cysts are very necessary for them. Chinese medicine is very good for shrinking kidney cysts by inhibiting secreting cyst fluids and enhancing permeability of cyst walls. Diet should be according to the below:

Low phosphorus, low protein, low potassium, low salt, more vitamins and high quality protein, less fat and cholesterol. More or any question, welcome to leave a message or contact online doctors.

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