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How Critical Is Blood In Urine In Case Of Polycystic Kidneys

2015-07-01 08:29

How Critical Is Blood In Urine In Case Of Polycystic KidneysHow critical is blood in urine in case of polycystic kidney disease (PKD)? PKD is a genetic kidneys and patients will suffer from some serious symptoms like proteinuria, blood in urine, back pain and high blood pressure. Some patients may ask why they have blood in urine. Here in this article, we will introduce the possible cause of blood in urine in case of polycystic kidneys.

Blood in urine can be caused by kidney cyst rupture.

As the time goes on, kidney cysts are going to rupture. If the kidney cyst rupture is in kidneys, the blood urine will disappear within a week. If the kidney cyst rupture is on kidneys, the cystic fluid may flow into the abdominal cavity, which will cause peritonitis. In this condition, patients should take timely treatment to prevent further kidney damage.

What is the treatment for blood in urine in case of polycystic kidneys?

To treat blood in urine, we must start with two aspects. One is that we need to shrink the cysts, the other is that we must repair the damaged kidney function. Here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a herbal-based treatment. PKD patients need to lie on the bed to take this treatment. The effective ingredients in Chinese medicines can stop the differentiation of lining cells, lower blood pressure, enhance the permeability of cystic wall through promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. In this way, cystic fluids can be reabsorbed and discharged out of the body with urine. Besides, Chinese herbs can also provide some nutrients for damaged kidneys, which is good for the recovery of kidney inherent tissues and cells. If the cysts can be shrunk, blood in urine and other symptoms will be alleviated greatly. Kidney failure caused by PKD can be avoided effectively.

How critical is blood in urine in case of polycystic kidney disease? Blood in urine indicates kidney cyst rupture caused by enlarged kidney cysts. The best treatment is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. If you want to learn more information, you can leave a message below or consult our online doctor directly. We will do everything possible to help you.

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