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When Someone Has PKD Do They Have Weird Odor

2015-07-20 01:44

When Someone Has PKD Do They Have Weird OdorSome patients with PKD have weird odor, and they wonder if this is related with PKD itself, or medicines they taken and treatment they get. First, we need to know how weird odor can occur on people. The below causes can lead to weird odor in body

Anaerobic Bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria in skin breed in the situation where it is damp and short of oxygen. The flourish of anaerobic bacteria results in weird odor. That is why we smell bad when we take exercise, or in hot weather. Perspiration or sweating makes our skin in moist and lacking oxygen situation.


For patients with diabetes, high blood sugar in body accumulates, leading to ketoacidosis. Thus, sweet smell in mouth happens on patients with diabetes commonly.


Some medicines has side effects, which can cause weird odor in body. Herbs and vitamin supplements may result in weird odor for patients.

Patients with PKD have disorders of electrolyte, retention of wastes and fluids, like creatinine, BUN. In this case, the whole healthy system of body is affected seriously. Patients with PKD are very weak and anxious, causing abnormal sweating. Breeding of Anaerobic Bacteria leads to weird odor in patients. Besides, PKD can hurt kidney, and make kidney function decrease, leading to high blood sugar in body. In the long term, ketoacidosis occurs.

In addition, patients with PKD need to take some medicines to alleviate disease, whose side effects can lead to weird odor.

How to treat body weird odor?

Improving kidney condition is the key to avoiding weird odor. Chinese medicine makes kidney function recover gradually by anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, promotion of circulation and restoration of kidney damage. Moreover, the symptoms of PKD and kidney cyst can also get treated well with Chinese medicine.

Hence, patients with PKD may have weird odor in body actually, but you do not need to worry. This is caused by PKD itself mostly. Chinese medicine is a good option to help you solve weird odor.

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