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Treat Anemia in PKD

2015-12-30 09:23

Treat Anemia in PKD

PKD can cause anemia, and many patients are concerned about how to treat anemia effectively. This time we will give you some good suggestions. Now let’s see how anemia is caused by PKD and how to treat it well?

PKD can do harm to kidney, causing kidney damage, in this way, kidney function will decline gradually by the time. And kidney has the function of producing EPO which help produce blood. Thus, as kidney produces less EPO, blood is produced less, leading to anemia for patients. In addition, due to restricted diet in life, they may have malnutrition and are lack of iron, which can also contribute to anemia for PKD patients.

Chinese medicine can treat PKD very effectively by shrinking kidney cysts and recovering kidney function. It can inhibit secreting cyst fluids and enhance permeability of cysts. And kidney condition can be improved, kidney will revive little by little with the time. Hence, anemia can be prevented fundamentally by producing more EPO.

Patients with PKD can have some iron supplement to treat anemia in life, too. Chinese medicine is the best way to treat anemia in PKD. Any question or more information, you can leave a message or contact online doctor anytime. We will reply very fast.

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