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What Medicines Treat Blood in Urine for PKD

2016-07-02 09:43

What Medicines Treat Blood in Urine for PKDBlood in urine, also known as hematuria is one typical symptom when PKD progressed into the advanced stage. Blood in urine is very harmful for patients with PKD, which can do harm to kidney function. It is necessary to treat blood in urine, and what medicines can treat it effectively?

blood urine in PKD can be microscopic or gross. For many people with the kidney disease, they never have this symptom in their lifetime, while some other patients are suffering from the leakage of blood cells in urine. The most common cause of blood urine for PKD patients is the kidney filters’ damage due to kidney cysts. As these cysts grow, they will replace more and more normal kidney tissues. When the kidney filters, glomeruli, are damaged severely, some blood cells can leak into the urine and form hematuria.

Chinese medicine has better effect in treating PKD and blood in urine, which can help manage kidney cysts by shrinking them effectively through inhibiting secreting cyst fluids from inner cells of cyst and enhancing permeability of cyst walls to let fluids flow out. So, kidney damage can prevented well with Chinese medicine treatment.

In addition, kidney function can be improved well by promoting blood circulation, preventing inflammation, enhancing immunity, degrading fibrosis, and so on. Kidney damage can be repaired by the time.

Therefore, we can know Chinese medicine is a very good option for patient with PKD to treat blood in urine. Be free to contact us if you get any problem or need any help, it is a pleasure that we can help you solve problems. Leave a message or contact our online doctors anytime.

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