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What Are The Reasons for Insomnia of PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) Patients

2016-11-06 02:07

What Are The Reasons for Insomnia of PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) PatientsPKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a genetic kidney disease which have the feature of plenty of kidney cysts appearing on kidneys. After these cysts get big enough and they will rupture, causing a severe damage on kidney. In the end, only little kidney function left and step into the stage of kidney failure.

Many PKD patients are suffering form insomnia, and it is really annoying. As we all know, these problem is also unbearable for many people who are not have any disease. Thus, do you have to know what are the reasons for this problem of PKD patients? Now let me tell you. If you have any other problems caused by kidney disease, you can leave us a message below or contact with our online doctors straightly.

Too much pressure on psychology

Patients who have PKD usually are told that kidney disease can not be cured form the root. Many of them even will step into the the end stage renal disease. It’s not doubt that patients are suffering not only from kidney disease, but also form a great hit on psychology. So much mental pressure will make them not so easy fall asleep easily. Patients should try to change their attention and relax themselves before they go to bed so as to improve the quality of sleep at night. What’s more, patients should have a correct understanding of PKD. If it can be treated in time, patients also hopeful to get rid of the disease.

Too much urination at night

For PKD patients, their kidney tubular epithelial cell phenotype easy to become epithelial wall of cell. After that kidney tubule will be damaged badly and cause urine system disorder. At night, patient will face with the terrible condition of irregular urine. Thus, insomnia comes to them.

Many patients saying they are feel helpless for the problem. However, we have a great treatment to treating PKD. It is Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). The treatment can help to improve microcirculation of patients. Its active ingredients have the effect to shrink kidney cysts and slow down the growth of cysts. TCM also have many other effects to improve many conditions of PKD patients such as dilating the blood vessel, clear up the toxins and wastes in blood to stop growth of cysts so as to stop the impair on kidney. And them repair the kidney function step by step. The condition of patients will be better and better.

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