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Appetite: One of The Common Symptom of PKD(Polycystic kidney Disease)

2016-11-07 02:10

Appetite: One of The Common Symptom of PKD(Polycystic kidney Disease)Many PKD patients have a bad appetite because 0f the disease. It is annoys so much for patients. Do you what is the cause of poor appetite? Is it PKD? Let us see it together.

PKD is a genetic kidney disease, the growing and increase cysts will do much harm to kidney and make kidney function decline step by step. After kidney function has been impaired into a certain degree, kidney can not help to filter out those toxins and wastes in blood and body so well any more. After that, many organs including digestive system in body will be affected and a poor appetite comes to patients in the end. What’s more, many other symptoms of PKD can also cause a bad appetite for patients, such as high blood pressure, fatigue, anemia, and so on.

A poor appetite is really do much harm to patients, because they need enough nutrition and energy for their recovery. And all these nutrition and energy are based on a good appetite and enough foods. Thus, solving this problem is a key to control many bad conditions of PKD patients. Do you know how to solve the problem?

Kidney cyst is the main reason to impairing kidney functions for patients, thus, the first and the most important thing patients should do is finding a effective method to shrink the cyst. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) in our hospital is a good way to solve the problem. It can help to shrink by preventing secreting cyst fluid and enhancing permeability of cyst walls, which will expel cyst fluids out form kidney. Kidney cysts will be shrink effectively in the end.

After the chief culprit has been kicked away, the further step is to improve the lost kidney function. With Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can help to promote blood circulation, dilate the blood vessel, prevent inflammation and so on. When these systems are get back to normal and the impaired kidney tissues be repaired, the lost kidney function will improve soon. Having a good kidney function, those toxins and wastes can be discharged out of body, and then patients won’t worry about their meal any more.

Chinese medicine can help to solve the kidney problem, a healthy diet in daily life is also important. Patients should take a low salt and low potassium diet, it is better for their recovery. If you are interested in our treatment or diet suggestions in daily life, please leave a message below or contact with our online doctor.

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