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How Can We Know That Polycystic Kidney Disease Is Getting Worse

2016-11-10 03:14

How Can We Know That Polycystic Kidney Disease Is Getting WorsePolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic kidney disease which has the character of having lots of cysts on kidneys, and these cysts are keep growing up with the time goes by. Before these cysts grow up, patients do not have any symptoms about the disease and even some of them don’t care about it at all. After a long time, these cysts will grow fast and big enough to threaten the patients life. And many patients don’t have any awareness about the growing of cysts. Them how can we know that PKD is getting worse with patients.
symptoms on kidney

For PKD patients, there are plenty of cysts around the kidney and size of kidney will much bigger than normal. What’s more, polycystic kidney disease patients are also have the symptom of kidney infections and urinary tract infection (UTI), it is also a common symptom for PKD patients. Besides, they may face the problem of kidney stones as well, for this symptom, when patients urinate, they can see blood in urine. For some patients many also have a frequent urges to urinate in the evening.

Suffering form heart diseases

As we all know, the main character of PKD is kidney cysts, and these cysts are filled with fluid. These cysts will grow fast because of the increasing fluid in it. And them these enlarged cysts can increase pressure on blood vessel in kidneys. Too much pressure cause a lesion on blood vessel and lead to high blood pressure. When blood pressure keep increasing, it will affect the heart calves and may have the risk to cause mitral valve prolapse for PKD patients.

PKD can be a easy disease but many times it is a huge threaten for patients if it can not be cared. A timely treatment is very important. Now, most of patients are choosing Chinese medicine in the early stage of the disease. It can be cured effectively. If you want to know something about Chinese medicine, please leave a message below or chat with our online doctors.

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There is no cure for PKD, but believe in us and we can control it well.

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