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How to Do with High Creatinine Level for PKD Patients

2016-11-20 07:34

How to Do with High Creatinine Level for PKD PatientsPKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease) is a genetic kidney disease which is very easy to step into the stage of kidney failure if patients can not make a well control of it. When creatinine level become very high, it means that patients’ kidney function have been impaired badly. We should know that high creatinine is a common symptom for PKD patients, it is also a standard for doctors to judge what condition of the disease should be. Then do you know what can cause high creatinine level and hoe to do with it?

For PKD patients, there are large numbers of cysts in kidneys and these cysts are keep growing with time goes by. In the early stage of the disease, there is no any symptoms for patients and less patients will care about it. However, after a long time when patients find that the disease has began to loose control, these enlarged cysts will increase the pressure on the tissues around the kidneys. On the other hand, these cysts can also bring more burden on kidney which will cause kidney function be damaged much. When less kidney function left for patients, the creatinine will also increase with it.

The main function of kidney is discharging creatinine produced by muscle and meat we eat, also include many toxins and wastes in blood. When creatinine level goes up, it means that kidney function has been impaired more than 50%. For the reason, patients have to find out a proper treatment for solving their kidney problem timely, or it will be very dangerous for them.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy inPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospitalis a very effective for PKD patients who are suffering form high creatinine level. Chinese medicine can be made by various of traditional Chinese herbs, and all these herbs have different effects with disease. with the treatment, we can help patients clean out many toxins and wastes in blood so as to reduce the burden on kidney and then to repair the impaired kidney function. In the end, the high creatinine level we be decreased very fast with the recovered kidney function.

High creatinine level is very dangerous if the symptom can not be controlled in time. So patients should take a regular medicine of urine creatinine and blood creatinine so that they can prevent the condition become worsen. If you have any questions about PKD or Chinese medicine treatment, please leave a message below. Or you can also contact with our online doctors. We well give you a timely answer as you wish.

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