High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has thousands of years history. Its great and profound culture and therapies become favored by more and more people. After years of research and experience, we select 7 therapies to be used in the treatment of kidney disease. In the following, they will be explained one by one.

Seven Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies

-Circle Therapy
It is to find the reactive area of disease on the skin by meridian therapy and palpation and then draw gyrate cycles on the reactive area with special Chinese medicines. This can draw out toxins from the body.
-Hot Compress Therapy
It is to apply the Chinese medicines which has been crushed onto the bilateral shenshu acupoints. This can cleanse the toxins from the body and recover original qi.
-Foot Bath Therapy
It is to immerse feet into the medical decoction, which can help invigorate blood and dredge collaterals as well as remove wastes and toxins from the foot skin.
-Medicated Bath
It is to let patients enter into the medical soup to bath fully in sufficient time. The active ingredients of medicine can go into the body through skin, and wastes and toxins can also come out from the skin. As to the medicine, it is used according to your medical condition. For example, if you have edema, medicines that can induce diuresis are used.
-Enema Therapy
It is to fill the Chinese medicine which has catharsis effect into the bowel through anus. This can help discharge wastes and toxins from the intestinal tract.
-Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy
It is to take Chinese medicines orally to invigorate blood and dissolve stasis in order to treat various inflammation and toxic stasis.
-Moxibustion Therapy
It is to put the burning moxa on certain acupoints. This can improve blood circulation and boost immune system.

Therapeutic effect of the seven Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies

The seven therapies can effectively cleanse wastes and toxins from different parts of your body, improve blood circulation as well as boost immune system.
In short term, you poor appetite and sleeping quality will improve, you cold limbs will become warm, urine output will increase, blood pressure will decline, skin itch will alleviate, etc.
In long term, your kidney function will improve a lot, and your creatinine level and BUN will decrease. Moreover, they can make human body harmonious and balanced.
If you have had enough of the side effects of western medicines, you can try Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies. For more information, please contact online doctors or leave a message below.

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