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A Good Case for Treating Protein in Urine with Kidney Problem

2016-07-16 09:23

For patients with kidney disease, protein in urine will occur seriously by the time. This is because kidney is damaged to cause protein leaking from filtration membrane when kidney filter the blood through urine. Protein does harm to patient and worsen kidney damage and kidney function. How to treat protein in urine well then?

InPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Medicated Bath is a treatment for kidney disease, which can help improve kidney function well by promoting blood circulation, degrading fibrosis, enhancing immunity, preventing inflammation, repairing kidney damage. Protein in urine can be treated effectively with Medicated Bath. It is one of Chinese medicine systematic treatment in our hospital and used widely in clinic. Now see the good effect of Medicated Bath on patients.

Mr Zhang has kidney failure for some years, and protein in urine occurred seriously, which made him very annoying and worried. Then he came to our hospital for treatment, the test was 6.64g protein in urine before getting treated in our hospital. With ten days’treatment by Medicated Bath, it became 2.84g protein in urine. He was so glad with this result. In addition, he felt there are much strength with him, and he can walk and has great look.

Chinese medicine is focusing on kidney itself to remove wastes and toxins in body for patients with kidney disease, which can help solve problems from the root. What is more, kidney function can be increased to control disease condition. Symptoms will get remitted fundamentally. Life will be improved greatly with Chinese medicine for patients with kidney disease. In addition, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Circle Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, Enema Therapy, etc are also widely applied to kidney disease patients, which compose Chinese medicine treatment in our hospital. By far, thousands of foreign patients from about 60 different countries in the world have been treated in our hospital, and got great effects of treatment with Chinese medicine. Be free to contact us with any question or doubt.

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