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What Are The Reasons for Relapsing of Polycystic Kidney Disease

2016-11-17 08:05

What Are The Reasons for Relapsing of Polycystic Kidney DiseaseIt is know to us all that Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is genetic disease. No matter which one of parents have the disease, their children are much more likely than others to suffer from PKD. Do you do what are the reasons. According to the research, now the field of medicine have already had a common view, PKD is cause because of the hyperplasia or the abnormal secretion of lining epithelial cells and the treatment for PKD patients should begin with this reason.

Nowadays, the most common treatment for patients is surgery cooperated with anti-inflammatory drugs. After the treatment, cysts will be reduced soon. However, reducing of cysts does not mean that the activity of lining epithelial cells have been restrained. This is the main cause of relapsing of PKD.

Mrs Gao is 45 years old and she is a typical PKD patient. Because of her ignorance for the disease before and have found an effective treatment, cysts was keep growing up. This made her felt a so terrible pain in back that her can not even stand erectly, many somatic functions are reducing rapidly.

The first day she came here, according to the test results, the size of her kidney has been twice bigger than normal. At the same time, her creatinine level was high as 734umol/L. It was i the stage of uremia. If the disease can not be treated timely, she will face with dialysis soon and may have the risk of death caused by rupturing of cysts.

Experts in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease hospital held a urgent meeting and made a certain treatment plan according to the illness condition of Mrs Gao. Considering that she is suffering form PKD and has the complication of kidney stone. Experts decide to treat her with Chinese medicine, because with Chinese medicine can help to clean up the toxins and wastes in blood and promote the blood circulation. What’s more, Chinese medicine can also restrain the activity of lining epithelial cells so as to discharge the fluid in cysts effectively.

After taking treatment with Chinese medicine for one month in our hospital, her creatinine level has decreased to 585umal/L. Even though the effect is not so quick as dialysis, but we should know that Chinese treat disease form the root and do not have so much side effect, the disease hardly to relapse. It needs a long time to make an adjustment. Seeing the illness is getting better day by day, Mrs Gao feels very happy and all ward is full of happiness. If you have any questions about the story of Mrs Gao or you have the similar problems, please leave a message below or contact with our online doctor. We will reply you at the first time.

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