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The Feeling of Exhausted May Be The Forewarning of Uremia

2016-11-21 08:25

The Feeling of Exhausted May Be The Forewarning of UremiaFeeling exhausted may be caused by cold, it also may be the forewarning of some other diseases. Luo Luo can find out his disease in time is thanks to he paid more attention to the feeling of exhausted.

Luo Luo who is 33 years old who comes form Sichuan province. He is a farmer. January in last year, he felt exhausted for several days. So he went to hospital and took a medicine test. The report said that his creatinine level was 194umol/L and uric acid was 590umol/L. He was diagnosed as chronic kidney failure. He thought it unbelievable, he always care about many sides in life. But the true is unchangeable. Doctors made him some drugs to protect kidney and he stayed in hospital for more than 20 days. He was discharged after all the index decreased into normal and he stopped all the medicines. However, he felt exhausted again after a short. But he didn’t stay in hospital and just take some medicine suggested by doctors last time, with the medicine, his creatinine decreased in the end. So he stopped these medicines another time.

Days before, he felt dizzy and nausea and he went to make a medicine test again. The result shocked him. His creatinine level went up to 909umol/L and doctor said he has to on dialysis because his condition has developed into uremia. And then he begin his dialysis life. But even he take the treatment twice a week, he still can not see any hope.

He came toPeking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospitalwith the introduce of a patient in our hospital. After the consultation of experts, Dr Li decide to change his dialysis into once a week and make a Chinese medicine treatment plan for him to clean up the toxins in his body. When check again after the treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level has reduced to 398umol/L. The illness condition get better, LuoLuo feels so happy. Doctor tell him that his kidney function is not impaired too much and it is hopeful to be repaired, it means he can get rid of dialysis if he can cooperator with doctors and take a healthy life style.

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