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Why Some Patients Reduce Weight Drastically on Dialysis

Question: Mother is CKD on Dialysis since 5 Months, but since last 2 months her weight is reduced drastically from 46 to 36, why? Please help. Answer: Dialysis is a life-sustaining way for Kidney Failure Patients, but it has many side effec...

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Is Dialysis the Only Option for Kidney Failure Patients

Is dialysis the only option for Kidney Failure Patients? Of course not. There are also many other treatments available for you to choose. The first one occurs in your mind may be kidney transplant. It is really a good choice, for it can tot...

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Dialysis and Mental Confusion: Causes and Treatment

Though dialysis is life-sustaining, it brings a series of side effects. Here we introduce one of them, that is, mental confusion. Now lets see its causes and treatment. Inadequate dialysis Mental confusion may be related with inadequate dia...

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Headaches Since Starting Dialysis: What Is the Matter

Many patients reflect that they have a lot of problems with headaches since starting dialysis. What is the matter? If you are interested in this topic, please go on reading. And in the following you will have a general general knowledge. Ca...

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What Happens If You Stop Dialysis Suddenly

What happens if you stop dialysis suddenly? This is a common question for people with end stage kidney failure and people who are on dialysis. Dialysis is a substitute treatment for kidney failure patients when their kidneys fail to functio...

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How to Increase Urine Output for Dialysis Patients

It is not difficult to find that the longer you are on dialysis, the less urine output you have. How to increase urine output for dialysis patients? Because kidney is in charge of filtering excess fluid from the body, urine output is often...

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Food Restrictions for Dialysis Patients

Though dialysis takes away wastes and toxins from your body, it can not work 24 h like your own kidneys. Between the dialysis sessions, wastes and toxins will build up in your blood and lead to many symptoms, such as nausea and skin itch. R...

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What Can You Do to Prevent Shortness of Breath Caused by Dialysis

For kidney failure patients, dialysis is often considered as a life-sustaining treatment, because it can take over part of your kidney function to filter wastes and toxins from your body. But at the same time, dialysis brings many problems,...

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How to Reduce Dialysis Frequency

Dialysis is a must for kidney failure patients to filter wastes and toxins from blood. For hemodialysis patients, they may have to go to dialysis center 3 times a week. And for peritoneal dialysis patients, they may do dialysis 4 to 6 times...

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Peritoneal Dialysis And Weight Gain: Causes and Treatment

Weight gain is a problem that troubles many peritoneal dialysis patients. What causes weight gain and how to treat weight gain? Causes of weight gain for peritoneal dialysis The most likely cause of weight gain is the increased caloric inta...

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