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Symptoms and Treatment for Kidney Cyst Growth

What are the symptoms and treatment for kidney cyst growth? Kidney cyst is a kind of kidney disease with fluid-filled sacs formed on kidneys. In general, for kidney cyst patients, if the kidney cyst is smaller than 3 cm, they dont need to h...

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What Happens If A Cyst Bursts on My Kidney

Recently, a patient asked me such a question: what happens if a cyst bursts on my kidney? Is it dangerous? As a matter of fact, this question has been asked for many times. If a cyst bursts on your kidney, you may feel intensive back pain....

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Can it Be Removed with A 4 cm Kidney Cyst on My Right Kidney

Question: I have a big kidney cyst on my right kidney, and it is a 4 cm kidney cyst now. Is this condition serious for me? Can it be removed with a 4 cm kidney cyst on my right kidney? Answer: Kidney cyst is a common disease for people who...

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Could Kidney Cysts Cause Low GFR on Blood Test

Recently a patient with kidney cysts found that his GFR became low when he had a blood test. He was confused. Could kidney cysts cause low GFR on blood test? In the following, you may find the answer. How kidney cysts cause low GFR? GFR is...

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Kidney Cyst 7.2*6.3, Creatinine 2.5: What Should I Do

Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease with fluid-filled cysts formed on kidneys. For most cases, people will have no symptoms with kidney cyst, because most of the kidney cyst will not get enlarged over time. However, for some cases, the k...

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4 cm Cyst on Kidneys: What Does This Mean

Kidney cysts are generally benign. But when they begin to enlarge, you should pay attention and go to hospital for a thorough examination. What does it mean when your kidney cyst reach 4cm? Generally speaking, when the size of kidney cysts...

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What Are The Symptoms Of Simple Renal Cyst

Simple renal cyst is the most common disease among renal cyst, and the renal cyst is usually formed in one kidney, which often occurs in adults. Now the cause of simple renal cyst is not sure, but patients often have a good prognosis with c...

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Can People Drink Beer with Kidney Cyst

Question: Beer is a common beverage for people when they are in a party and daily diet. So many people like to drink beer even for kidney cyst patients. However, can people drink beer with kidney cyst? Answer: Kidney cyst is a common kidney...

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What to Do with A 4.6 cm Kidney Cyst

Question: I was diagnosed with kidney cyst, and I have a 4.6 cm big kidney cyst on my right kidney. Can you tell me what to do with a 4.6 cm kidney cyst? Answer: Kidney cyst is a common kidney disease with the fluid-filled cysts formed in k...

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What is Cortical Cyst of Kidney

Cortical cyst of kidney is also called renal cortical cyst, which is a common type of simple kidney cysts. Because the cysts are formed in renal cortex, so it is called cortical cyst. In this article, we will introduce what is cortical cyst...

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