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3.9 cm Cyst on Kidney Causing Back Pain

Can 3.9 cm cyst on kidney causing back pain? This is a common question for people who may have kidney cyst and puzzled kidney cyst patients. Kidney cyst is a common disease for patients who is older than 50 years. However, for most cases, t...

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How Fast Do Renal Cysts Grow

Renal cysts become bigger and bigger with time going. How fast do renal cysts grow? Many patients may concern about this question, because the speed of cyst growth is associated with kidney function impairment. If renal cysts grow quickly,...

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Advices for Treatment of 2 Cortical Cysts in Right Kidney and One in Left Kidney

Recently, someone asked some questions about kidney cyst in our website, here is his specific illness condition. I have 2 cortical cysts in right kidney and one in left kidney. Now in right upper pole is 22 * 19 mm and midpole 19 * 19 mm, a...

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Ways to Slow Down Progression of Kidney Cysts

For PKD patients, these kidney cysts are destructive. They can damage your kidneys and affect your kidney function. Only preventing the growth of cysts can protect kidney function. How to slow down progression of cysts? In the following, th...

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Can A 6 cm Kidney Cyst Cause Back Pain

Can a 6 cm kidney cyst cause back pain? This is a common problem which troubles kidney cyst patient with big kidney cysts. As we know, kidney cyst is a kind of kidney disease with fluid-filled sacs in kidneys, and in some cases, the kidney...

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Apple Cider Vinegar and Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst means the fluid-filled sacs in kidneys. In most cases, the kidney cyst will cause no symptoms for people. However, in some cases, the kidney cyst will get enlarged over time, which will oppress the kidney tissues and cause kidne...

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How Should I Prevent Cysts from Growth

Kidney cyst wall is resulted from the proliferation of renal tubule epithelial cells and cyst liquid is resulted from original urine. With time going, the cysts become bigger and bigger without appropriate treatment. How should I prevent cy...

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Should I be Worried with 1.1 cm Kidney Cyst

Question: I have kidney stones for several years, and recently, I was diagnosed with several kidney cysts on my left kidneys. And the largest one of the kidney cysts is 1.1 cm, should I be worried with this? Answer: Kidney cyst is not as so...

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Renal Cortical Cyst: Symptoms and Treatment

What is renal cortical cyst? What are the symptoms when people have renal cortical cyst? And how to treat renal cortical cyst? This are the common questions for renal cortical patients, and only knowing the answers, people with renal cortic...

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Can I Drink Alcohol With a 2.2*1.7 cm Kidney Cyst on My Right Kidney

Question: I am 56 years old, and I was diagnosed to have a 2.2*1.7 cm kidney cyst on my right kidney, the doctor told me to avoid drinking alcohol. But alcohol is one of my love in my daily life, can you tell me whether I can drink alcohol...

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