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Left Kidney Cyst 2.8*2.2 cm, Kidney Size 8 cm: What Should I do

Question: I have a 2.8 *2.2 cm kidney cyst, and my kidney has been shrunk into 8 cm. I also have swelling in right kidney with kidney stones. My blood pressure is 110-180, which is too much higher. Now I feel great back pain, and it affect...

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Is A 3.2 cm Kidney Cyst Dangerous

Recently a patient complained that there is a 3.2 cm kidney cyst and he wonders whether it is dangerous or not. If you would like to know the answer as well, please go on reading. If you have any questions, please leave a message below or c...

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Do Cysts on Kidney Affect GFR

Does cysts on kidney affect GFR? Many people with kidney cysts may concern about this question. In the following, we will have a discuss about this topic. Kidney cysts may make GFR decrease. Simple kidney cysts are common among old people....

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New Treatment for Kidney Cyst: Foot Bath Therapy

Do you know the new treatment for kidney cyst in China? It is Foot Bath Therapy. In this article, we will help you get more detailed information about this therapy, and we hope this will be helpful for you. What is kidney cyst? Kidney cyst...

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When Do Kidney Cyst Patients Need to Have Surgery

When do kidney cyst patients need to have surgery? This is a common question for kidney cyst patients. As we know, kidney cyst is a common kidney disease for people who is older than 50%. For most cases, patients will dont need to have surg...

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When Does Kidney Cyst Require Surgery

Surgery is a common and quick way to remove the cyst from your kidneys, but when does kidney cyst require surgery? If you would like to know the answer, please go on reading. Surgery is OK for simple kidney cysts Generally speaking, there i...

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Chinese Treatment for 6.9 cm Kidney Cyst

What are the treatment for 6.9 cm kidney cyst? This is a common question for kidney cyst patients when their cysts are enlarged. As we know, kidney cyst is a genetic kidney disease with fluid-filled sacs on kidneys. In most cases, the kidne...

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Will the Cysts Become Cancerous in Kidney Cyst

Will the cysts become cancerous in kidney cyst? Kidney cyst is a kind of kidney disease with fluid-filled cyst on kidneys, and it is common for people who are older than 50 years old. In most cases, the kidney cysts will cause no symptoms f...

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How to Deal with A 8 cm Kidney Cyst

If you have polycystic kidney disease (PKD), you should attach importance to the cysts if one of your kidney cysts has grown to 8 cm. The normal kidney size is about 9 - 13 cm. 8 cm kidney cyst is almost the same with your kidneys. How to d...

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Can A Cyst On Kidney Cause Shortness of Breath

Can A cyst on kidney cause shortness of breath? As we know, kidney cyst is a common disease for people when they are older than 50 years. For most cases, the kidney cysts will not cause some severe symptoms for people, because the kidney cy...

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