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Is There Any Relation Between Kidney Failure And Urinary Tract Infection

Does urinary tract infection (UTI) cause kidney failure? Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from your blood as well as promoting or helping maintain other life processes. As delicate organs, the kidneys can stop functioning for any...

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Kidney Failure And Weak Legs

Is there any relation between kidney failure and weak legs? Yes, kidney failure can lead to weak legs and leg problem is just one of its symptoms. How does kidney failure cause weak legs and how to alleviate this problem? Please follow us t...

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What Is The Pathophysiology Of Edema In Kidney Failure

Kidney failure may contribute to the loss of protein in the urine and the development of edema. The pathophysiology of edema in kidney failure forms in patients for two reasons, such as a heavy loss of protein in the urine and impaired kidn...

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Is There Any Cure For Anemia In Kidney Failure

Anemia is a common condition in kidney failure. People with anemia experience easy fatigue and loss of energy, unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise, shortness of breath and headache, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, pa...

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Is Diarrhea A Part of Renal Failure

Recently, a lady came to our website and said his father who is a stage 4 renal failure patient continues to get diarrhea. She wonder if diarrhea is a part of renal failure. As for her puzzle, I have to say Yes. Renal failure indeed causes...

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How To Get Rid Of Ammonia Taste In Your Mouth Due To Kidney Failure

How can I get rid of ammonia taste due to kidney failure? To know this question, you first need to know the cause of ammonia taste. Then learn how to alleviate ammonia taste effectively. What is the cause of ammonia taste? As we all know, k...

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Less Urine Output in Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is always used to decried the last stage of kidney problem. For people who are living with kidney failure, some of them may find their daily urine output is less and less. Well, what does this mean for them and what causes de...

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Symptoms to Experience When PKD Develops to Kidney Failure

Kidney failure refers to the worst kidney condition and PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is one of the common causes of it. When kidney failure is caused by PKD, patients will experience a group of symptoms which appear due to decline of kid...

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What Will Happen If My PKD Develops to Kidney Failure Stage

PKD does not mean death or anything if it is controlled in early stage. However, the problem is many patients fail to stop its progression. Well, what will happen if PKD runs to kidney failure stage directly? Read on to find the answer. 1....

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Does Protein in Urine Always End in Kidney Failure

Healthy kidneys can retain the useful substance in your blood, while filtering the wastes. When there is something wrong with your kidneys, protein leaks into the urine. Does protein in urine always end in kidney failure? Protein in urine s...

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