High Creatinine Dialysis BUN
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6% Kidney Function, Creatinine 10.9: What Are the Life Expectancy Without Dialysis

Questions: I was diagnosed with kidney failure, and my creatinine level is 10.9 mg/dl. Now I only have 6% kidney function, the doctor asked me to start dialysis now. But I heard that I need to rely on it all my life one I start dialysis, so...

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Medicine Treatment of High Blood Pressure for Kidney Failure

What are the medicine treatment of high blood pressure for kidney failure? This is a question we received from a kidney failure patient, who want to get the Chinese medicine treatment of high blood pressure. In this article, we will help so...

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Treatment to Help Your Kidneys Work Better

What treatment do you receive now? Does it help your kidneys work better? A good treatment should not only control your symptoms, but also help improve kidney function. Conventional treatment The conventional treatment for kidney failure is...

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Can Kidney Failure Be Cured with Certain Treatment

Can kidney failure be cured with certain treatment? This question may be concerned by all the kidney failure patients, and all the kidney failure patients want their illness can be cured with certain treatment. However, we are sorry to say...

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Alternative Solutions for People with Stage 5 Kidney Failure

When your kidney failure develops to stage 5, it means your kidney function has declined to lower than 15 %. In stage 5, dialysis and kidney transplant may be the most common choice for them. But are there alternative solutions for people w...

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Some Common FAQS about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Failure patients

Recently, we received some common questions in our website from kidney failure patients. In order to help more kidney failure patients, in this article, our experts will help answer these questions. We hope this will be helpful for more kid...

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Acupuncture Therapy and Kidney Failure

Acupuncture therapy is a traditional Chinese therapy, and it is the treasure in Chinese medicine treatment, which has been spread for more than 2000 years, and has been made outstanding contributions in treating all kinds of diseases. Nowad...

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How to Treat High Blood Pressure for Kidney Failure Patients

For kidney failure patients, high blood pressure is a common symptom for them, and the unwell controlled high blood pressure can cause further damage to kidneys, so kidney failure patients need to control their high blood pressure. Then how...

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Where Can I Find Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Questions: I have kidney disease, and I have been struggled with my kidney disease for many years. I suffer from great pain, and I try all kind of treatment for my disease, but my kidney failure is still progression. I get the information f...

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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Kidney Failure

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a new Chinese therapy which is used in treating all kinds of kidney diseases, and it has been proved to have great improvements in patients illness condition. Therefore, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothera...

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